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Whale Watching Cruise

We are passionate about whale watching and giving our guests the very best experience. Being the second longest operation in NSW we are good at what we do. Enjoy true Eco-friendly whale watching on our stable catamaran with only 23 passengers and freedom to move about our 60sqm of open deck space. To ensure the very best whale experience, passengers have 360 degree viewing and are not confined to cramped fixed row seating. Above all remember, whale watching is a relaxing life experience engaging with gentle, social creatures. Its not a boat race to scare the whales away. So choose a charter operation that takes the time and shares the magical experience with you.

FROM $75.00 per person.

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Historic Lighthouse Cruise

Half day cruise through the Solitary Islands Marine Park to South Solitary Island and the historic lighthouse and keeper’s residence built in 1880. Circumnavigate the island and enjoy stunning views of the lighthouse and dwellings, amazing arches and rock formations of the weathered shoreline. We share historical photos, videos and commentary about the lighthouse and the interesting people who lived there.

FROM $80.00 per person.

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Dolphin Watch Cruise

1.5 hour cruise from the harbour past the eastern break wall, Korfs Island and along Gallows and Boambee Beaches in search of wild dolphins. A resident pod of dolphins resides along Boambee Beach and have become accustom to Pacific Explorer. The cruise takes you to areas where dolphins are regularly sighted, however we cannot guarantee sightings on every trip as we are engaging with wild animals.

FROM $45.00 per person.

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